Drum Lessons

Lessons and Teaching Methods

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Drum lessons focus on drumming fundamentals including rudiments, stick movement and control techniques, reading, and developing the muscle memory to play with confidence and consistency. Other lesson features include:
1Custom Lesson Plans and Benchmarks
Each student is assessed on the first lesson and lesson plans are designed with goals and flexible benchmarks
2Video Recording
Video and/or audio recording is used for homework and lesson highlights
3Drum Set Play Along Tracks
Students get to pick from a list of play along tracks according to their level
4Song Transcription
Students first learn and then chart out songs making the process of reading music more fun!
5Learning New Styles and Rhythms
David loves teaching different styles of music--from Be-Bop to Double Bass drumming!
Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods

David is an advocate of student-centered learning, where students are active participants. Students participate by writing their own drum beats, choosing songs to learn, and learning how to write songs to a chart. Other methods include:
1Playing within Musical Form
All instruction leads to playing within form, which is vital to developing the skills necessary to play with other musicians
A winner of the Louis Armstrong Jazz award, David loves teaching the art of spontaneous composition!
David uses his piano skills to work with students to compose their own drum beats to songs
4Style Analysis
Students are taught the importance of sounds, dynamics, tempos, and aesthetics by playing and analyzing different styles
5Applying Concepts to Music and Form
Students apply rudiments to songs, drum beats and fills making them more fun to learn

Keeping the Student Interested

"Although I like to challenge my students to grow and encourage routine practice, I also feel that music is essentially meant to be fun. That said, my job is to find out what the student's musical interests are and use those as departure points to broaden their skills. The balance between disciplined practice and just simply playing creates a nurturing and challenging learning experience. Playing and performing music is a privilege in life. So practice and then just go for it!" ~David O

Drum Lesson Locations

David is teaching at studio locations located in Oak Park and Irvine Park. In home lessons are offered in Oak Park, Elmwood Park, Forest Park. and River Forest